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Hello, World, it's me again (sorry...) So umm.. how's life been treatin' ya?

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So, self-welcome to Newgrounds! I've been around for a week or two (time flies fast, I lose track far too easy) and well... ummm... here I am!
I'm not even sure if anyone's reading this...

Anyways, I guess I've learned a bunch so far being an actual member. I used to watch Mario parodies with my brother when I was little and the 17+ NSFW would freak me out but I never joined cause I thought my parents would freak. So, with my own computer I HAVE THE POWAAAA!!
So I've already picked up on bad reviewing habits. "Under Judgment" is generally "Be A Bitch" in my language, at least on most stuff. I've discovered a few purple-labeled gems, like the recent "Escape the Prison"? Yeah, I voted on that. So I'm not a total bitch.
I've also discovered that I can get VA work! Wh00t! Well, it's "work", I don't get paid! It's not a real job, just a hobby. But I'm not sure how the 'rents will take it, and I think the guys I'm working with hate me... already. I'm just confused, and probably asking too many questions. Considering the plotline is half-written and we're talking whole "seasons" here, I find it justifiable. G'head, Phoenix Wright, sue me!

Anyway, ummm so... person who's not reading...!
How's life?

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